The spin is done and we are spun; in the story sense, keeping up with the avalanche of publicity garnered by our undertaking, and in the just-released-from-a-manic-top-speed-spinner sense of taking a breath and feeling a bit giddy, but mostly in looking back on the Spin and thinking what a wonderful day to end a fabulous week it was.

Once more, thanks to Cathedral Group for helping us settle in so nicely, and thanks to all of the performers, activity people and street food providers who turned out on Saturday.

Our next target is to work out properly how we are going to operate the Hub. Although the workshop looks pretty good, looks can be deceptive – there is actually a fair bit of work still to be done to make it how we want it – also (dull as it may be) we need to sort out our working methods, policies, codes of practice and management systems so that we can get a proper grip on this undertaking for the benefit of all.

With this in mind, the plan is to pedal slow for a couple of weeks. We will open on Saturdays but may not have the full resource available until we have got everything straight. Hopefully within the fortnight we will be properly sorted and will open also on Thursdays – watch this space (and this one …. and this one ….) for info on progress.

Our biggest need right now is people. Bike Hub is completely dependent on volunteers in every aspect, and during the Love Your Bike Week all sorts of fine people said that they would be happy to lend a hand – if you were one of them, now is the time to step forward. Volunteers don’t need mechanical skills (although obvs that helps) and we are planning some special training sessions in this aspect for volunteers. What we need most of all is enthusiasm, a little time and a keen-ness for bikes and cycling in general. To find out more, fill out the form HERE or drop by any Saturday for a chat.