We have been properly running for a couple of weeks now. The main business has been a steady stream of cyclists sprucing their steeds for spring & mostly wanting help with brakes and gears. We have blocks and cables – this we can help with – and the best thing is that anyone who turns up for tweaking has a good chance of being able to do it for themselves next time.

The other thing going on is the donations. We have been overwhelmed by the support shown by individuals and institutions to furnish us with a whole ride of bikes – some at the end of their useful life, but with salvageable parts, but most just needing a bit of TLC to get them on the road again.

Our most common enquiry has been “can I buy one?” – and to this, the answer at the moment has been NO. Its not that we don’t want to let them go, its just that the process of getting even the most chipper machine up to the standard where we can take your money for it takes a bit of time…. and here is where we have a backlog.

When we get a bike donated, here is the process:

Bike refurb process map - draftand this part is where we really need your help to get us properly going. Volunteers can come in with any skill level – as you see from the chart, there are all sorts of tasks involved from basic assessment, picking up skills by taking bikes to bits, or applying your knowledge in making them fit for the streets.

Its this bit – the goodwill and support of volunteers keen to learn – which our whole endeavour hangs on. If you have some time to spare, drop by and give it a go.