The image above is from the Brighton Festival programme: Nowhere and Everywhere At The Same Time No. 2: “William Forsythe’s choreographic object populates the Old Municipal Market space with hundreds of delicate pendulums, swinging in timed sequences. As you move around without touching the pendulums, your strides and side-steps will produce a lively choreography of manifold and intricate avoidance strategies”

Running throughout May at Circus Street, this piece takes first fiddle to our activities, and we will be shutting up shop for the duration. Wednesday April 23rd and Thursday 24th we will be open as normal, but after this we will be taking a break from the bike sales and public workshop side of things.

We will still be doing stuff – catching up with paperwork, preparing bikes for sale and taking stock of our first two months of trading – we will still be taking on new donations and new volunteers and may be able to arrange some open events, and will return as normal in June.

If you would like to donate a bike during May, please contact us before bringing it down – use the form HERE. Also, if you would like to become a volunteer, let us know HERE.

In the meantime, the Festival piece looks fantastic (and its free) so do given it a go, and see you all again at the BikeHub in June.