Since our Grand Launch at the inaugural Love Your Bike Week back in February we have been open on three days per week, each session seeming busier than the last, with more sales and more people coming in to fix up their bikes as the weeks progress. Fantastic though this is, it is only part of our thing, and the other side – taking in donated bikes, working with volunteers to fix them up and helping our volunteers to learn more about repair, has sometimes felt that it has been getting lost amidst the chaos and energy of our open sessions.

To fix this, get up to speed with processing donations, make sure that all volunteers can have the time and space to find out about the project, sort out proper training and keep the workshop spick, span and stocked, we hereby unveil our new schedule!!!

New Schedule Aug 2014The Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday sessions remain the same as ever, but the new sessions on Tuesdays and Fridays are not open for sales or general repairs, but are set aside for Bikehub volunteers, for sorting out the workshop and for fixing donated bikes – we still want you all to drop in on these days though – just join us as a volunteer and help us grow and strengthen the bikehub and (hopefully) help make Brighton & Hove just a little bit better!