We recently extended our hours to include Tuesdays and Fridays as volunteer days, however, having tried this out for a few weeks we are changing back (live and learn…) so our opening times are back as they were:

Wednesday & Saturday 11-5 & Thursday 11-8 for self help DIY repair, sales, volunteering and repair of donated bikes.

Sundays have been taken up by our self-build cargo bike sessions, which have almost come to a close, with our prototype looking more how it is supposed to:

2014-08-31 16.14.23

We wont be having any more Sunday sessions for now, but plan to finish the first cargo bike during the normal weekly sessions over the next couple of week – and after that have a think about what to do next – which will depend on who wants to do what and what we think of what we’ve got…

More on this later in the month