A bit smaller (and more like a bike)

We recently extended our hours to include Tuesdays and Fridays as volunteer days, however, having tried this out for a few weeks we are changing back (live and learn…) so our opening times are back as they were:

Wednesday & Saturday 11-5 & Thursday 11-8 for self help DIY repair, sales, volunteering and repair of donated bikes.

Sundays have been taken up by our self-build cargo bike sessions, which have almost come to a close, with our prototype looking more how it is supposed to:

2014-08-31 16.14.23

We wont be having any more Sunday sessions for now, but plan to finish the first cargo bike during the normal weekly sessions over the next couple of week – and after that have a think about what to do next – which will depend on who wants to do what and what we think of what we’ve got…

More on this later in the month

Build Day Update

2014-08-20 16.45.21

Cargo Bike build moves on – (hopefully) most of the tricksy bits behind us and a target of two more sessions to complete our first machine, which might look a bit like this:

Box Bike 7

For more on this stuff see the Build Day Info pages

Because the space at Circus St is booked for another event this Sunday, there will be no session this week – next build being Sunday August 31st. Hope to see you then 🙂

Build It

Cargo bikes

A couple of weeks back a question was asked – who wants to build a cargo bike or trailer. The answer was…. quite a few people.

The plan therefore is to run some build sessions on Sunday afternoons over August, starting August 10th and ending when we have built or when we want to stop. The initial aim is to build one cargo bike and one trailer using simple(ish) no weld design, and as much as possible salvaged local materials.

At the end, we plan to have our working models and some idea on what works, and what materials can be sourced – and this is where it can get even more interesting: we can carry on and make some more, trying out other designs and techniques, or open up self build to whoever wants to build. Although barely out of ‘ideas’ stage, we have already been approached by two creative businesses wanting to commission bespoke cargo bikes for their trade.

For more info and how you can help see the all new Build Day Info pages!!!

look forward to seeing you on the 10th