Box Bike

Over the past few months, quite a few people have asked about trailers and cargo bikes, and quite a few of those few have been interested in building their own. We thought we might give it a go.


There are lots of DIY designs with instructions on the web – click on the  images  to find out how to make the ones pictured.

Toms Cargo Bikes

We are in a unique and happy place.

We have the Circus Street Workshop, equipped with tools and a massive collection of bikes and parts, we share the site with the excellent Wood Recycling Project, which has….wood, and with the equally fantastic Freegle – a second to none resource for obtaining all sorts of free stuff. So basically we already have just about everything we need under one roof!

Still required are people with ideas willing to get together and give it a go – to bring their own plans or work with others to help them in a collaborative spirit, over a few sessions this summer.

It will only work if people are keen – so if you have always wanted to make your own human powered vehicle, now is your chance. To show interest, email to – if enough folk think its a thing, we will sort out a meet to get the wheels rolling.

If not now – when?